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rom crispy buttermilk chicken to chocolate chip cookies, countless types of food and snacks can be made using an air fryer. The new product has a stainless steel finish and has the ability to bake, grill, toast and air fry foods through rapid heat circulation Oven rack: The oven rack is designed to hold the pizza pan or a baking dish. Baking pan/drip tray and small wire rack: The multipurpose baking pan can be used alone when baking or roasting, with the air-frying basket when air-frying, or with the small wire rack when grilling or toasting. Air-frying basket: When air-frying, use this basket (placed in the rack support above the baking pan) to optimize your cooking results. Pizza pan: Use the round pizza pan for baking pizza. Crumb tray: This comes already positioned in your oven. It slides out easily from the bottom front of the appliance for cleaning.