Our Pay Plan


There are different ways of earning through stakexchain

  1. Stake share commission
  2. Stake share matching commission
  3. Direct referral commission
  4. Binary commission
  5. Binary matching commission
  6. Rank incentives
  7. Fast Track Bonus
  8. Level 1 and 2 mentorship commission
  9. Stockist commission
  10. Promotional/testimonial bonus

Stake share commission

– earn commission daily for 30 days from the stake share profit system, in order to keep earning you have to re-order products with your shopping wallet.

Stake share matching commission - earn a percentage on whatever your down lines earn daily on their daily stake share commission.

Level 1 – 15%

Level 2 – 8%

Level 3 – 4%

Level 4 – 2%

Level 5 – 2%

Level 6 – 2%

Level 7 – 2%

Direct referral commission

- here you earn 20% onetime referral commission on whatever registration or upgrade volume generated by your direct down lines.

Also whenever you refer someone who becomes a stockist you will be paid 10% on whatever the stockist earn per month

There is no limit to how much you can earn on your direct referral commission irrespective of your entrance or current upgrade package.


Mr. A registers on gold basic $120(120pv)

So you earn 20% of $120 = $24

If Mr. A upgrades to bronze pro $1,920(1,920pv) you will earn a percentage of the difference of the old and new package volume $1,920 - $120 = $1,800

So your new referral commission will be 20% of $1,800 = $360

Here you can refer as many persons as you want.

And as they move from one package to the other to enable them learn and earn more you make more money.

Binary team commission

- here you earn 10% binary commission to infinity on all volumes generated on your lesser leg.

Binary matching commission

Earn a percentage of whatever your down lines earn daily on their binary team commission.

Level 1 – 20%

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 10%

Level 4 – 5%

Level 5 – 5%

Rank incentive

Jade – accumulate 10,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn - $100 cash award , $200 free shopping voucher and a luxury wrist watch worth $100

Pearl – accumulate an extra 40,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn - $300 cash award and $400 shopping voucher

Sapphire – accumulate an extra 100,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn - $5,000 car award and $1,000 continental trip award or 2,000 shopping voucher

Ruby – accumulate an extra 450,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn - $15,000 car award and an all-expense paid intercontinental trip award worth $2,500 or $5000 shopping voucher

Emerald – accumulate an extra 600,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn - $30,000 car award or 50,000 housing plan award paid in 5 months

Black diamond – accumulate an extra 1,200,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn - $200,000 housing plan award paid in 10 months.

Note : once you generate up to $5000gv on your lesser leg, you are recognized as a stakexchain leader and will be given various free award products, you can contact your stockist center on this area.

Rank commission volume for mentors also accumulate for rank

Promotional bonus

Make and promote a 1-2 minutes testimonial video and get paid a percentage of your current stake package based on the number of views , commissions are only paid once a month.

10 – 1000 views = 1%

1001 – 5000 views = 2%

5001 and above = 4%