How it Works


Our stakexchain system enables you accumulate shop wallet point through the network marketing and stake share profit system.

This shop wallet is used to purchase products from the e-store area.

Assuming you bought some product worth $100 package from the e-commerce platform, you're automatically placed on the Stakexchain 3 by 9matrix where you can earn a share commissions from the purchase of other customers.

So assuming this is you and mr a, mr b and mr c, shops after you on the $100 package, and was placed under your matrix, you’re going to earn 10% of the shopping volume of mr a, b and c which equals $30(30%) and when 9 other persons shops on the $100 package and are placed under you, you earn 15% of their shop volume which equals $135(135%).


So in total you have made $135(135%) plus $30(30%) which equals $165(165%).

Now to ensure a sustainable and long lasting system the company keeps part of that money as their profit and pays the rest to you which is paid in bits within a period of 30days, depending on your initial shopping package, either as a basic, classic or pro member.

After the company has deducted their own profit, you will be left with an average of $124(124%) to $129(129%).

Meaning you bought a product for $100 and in 30days you can earn a total of $124(124%) to $129(129%) ,now in order to ensure the sustainability of the system, just as you earned the stake shop profit from other customer purchase, other customers will also earn a share profit from your own next purchase, so the money you’re paid is split into two sections, 80% is paid as shopping voucher which you can use to re-order product from the e-store and 20% is paid as commission which you can withdrawal whenever you want.