Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Safety net

In order for any company to survive integrating a strong and well calculated system helps to ensure the sustainability of a system.

These rules are designed to check over payment which can destabilize the financial structure of our system, please watch the safety net video for more details or contact your mentor.

StakeXChain FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Stakexchain is an online and offline based e-commerce Company in combination with network marketing.

As an internal training program we have existed since 22nd November 2017 but came up with our e-commerce company and on the 9th of May 2019 and pre-launched openly 19th August 2020.

Commissions are credited into you commission wallet which can be withdrawn weekly into your local bank account or bitcoin address.

Considering our team administrative heads we are confident that we have a good balanced pay plan and administrative system to ensure the sustainability of our project.

We have a large number of customer care administrators, who we have trained previously and as the community grows we intend to recruit more.

We are currently working with one of the best programmers in the industry and we have fully tested every system to ensure there are no glitches along the line.

We intend to establish large offices through our mentors and stockiest in each country where we have a membership based above 5000.

A sustainable system must be willing to evolve, which we will do as the need arises but not without the consulting and involvement of the general administrative team, country representative and mentors.

On the contrary there is no better time for online business than now, people are in need of home based business modules and i think our project can meet that need.

All local currency can be accepted provided you have a mentor in your area to receive payment.

Yes you can by paying the difference of the new and old package.

Yes you have to own a package in order to be paid.

No you don’t.

Yes, as long as your new matrix keeps filling up.

No you don't, in stakexchain you can earn without referrals.

Both represents the company but a mentor is basically a team builder who manages the members in regards to payments, registration, promotions and withdrawals while a stockiest is focused on product delivery ,and you don’t need to have a large team to be a stockiest.

You can use you referral link created on your back-office.

There is basically no risk, our company is a product based company so whatever you pay for , you’re given products worth your money which can be collected through the stockiest.

Bitcoin or your local currency through your mentor.

A shopping voucher in our company is an electronic gift card credited in your e-wallet which can be used to purchase product from our e-store.

Only if you violate our terms and conditions.

These are bonuses paid through the binary structure, the system pairs the lesser binary leg volume with the higher binary leg volume and pays you.

Yes, most MLM companies crash because they can’t control the payments paid to partners but we try to control that by setting a capping on most of our payments.

It's either you collect your product through your stockiest or you pay separately for direct shipping which is quite expensive.

We charge 5% of whatever amount you withdraw.

Usually in less than 21 days if product ordered are not available with the stockiest.

You can return it and such order will be replaced.

You can’t make changes to an order once it has been paid for.

Unit 4, Victoria Marinas Building, Lasip Grande Dagupan City, Philippines.

Send us an Email via: [email protected]

You will have to write to company to help you change your email address.

You can wait or pick other products currently in stock.

Due to the present global pandemic, product may occur in some few countries, please be a little patient with our logistic partners as we continue to work harder in order to get your products deliver to you.

Yes!... You can visit our YouTube channel which is loaded with a lot of contents or you can join us in our WhatsApp or Telegram group.

We only ship to our various stockiest located across the world. You will need to go to your closest stockiest in order to pick your products.

Visit and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

From the moment your account is activated.

Yes you can.

You can Purchase or Upgrade your membership from our Packages Page.

Just login to your dashboard and click on your profile then edit as necessary.

Yes you can, multiples account is allowed, but you can’t repeat the same username.

Yes!... You can change your shipping address if need be.