About Us

Stakexchain is an online and offline based e-commerce Company with a new innovative business concept. Stakexchain is co- founded by Florence rosales from the Philippines and Sean Costan from the uk with years of network marketing experience , we are in partnership with several business professionals in our administrative team whose main purpose is to critically and constantly strategize on new ways of building and maintaining the momentum , promotion and sustainability of the company. Administrative positions are open to mentors who wish to do more as a partner in contribution to the growth of the company.

Stakexchain has a decade of mapped out plans and innovations in order to enable the company stands out as one of the biggest network marketing and e-commerce company globally.

We are currently one of the fastest growing online community in the world in regards to e-commerce.

Our Goal

Our goal is to change the narrative in regards to e-commerce to a system where customers can be financially rewarded whenever they purchase a product, this we believe will promote the company and build customer loyalty.

We have carefully designed a pay plan that can last over a decade of business activity and we constantly check and balance in order to ensure that our current payment system doesn’t jeopardize our goal for long term and sustainability.