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Our stakexchain system enables you accumulate shopping wallet points through the network marketing and stake share profit system. This shopping wallet is used to purchase products from the e-shop area. Assuming you bought some product worth $100 package from the e-commerce platform, you're automatically placed on the Stakexchain 3 by 9matrix where you can earn a share commissions from the purchase of other customers. So assuming this is you and mr a, mr b and mr c, shops after you on the $100 package, and was placed under your matrix, you’re going to earn 10% of the shopping volume of mr a, b and c which equals $30(30%) and when 9 other persons shops on the $100 package and are placed under you, you earn 15% of their shop volume ... facebook login

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We have studied the needs of our users and listed products on our platform tailored to their needs, because here at stakexchain we put our users first. minecraft

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Speed is often touted as the most important factor in online delivery, but research suggests that aspects like reliability, convenience, and cost are more valuable to today’s consumers. This is why here at stakexchain we have as many delivery outlets as possible in-order to give you a hassle free and prompt delivery.


We deliver products all over the world through our outlets, resident in various cities around the world. outlook

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